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Living Benefits Life Insurance

Living Benefits Life Insurance in Action


Meet Jane (39), the owner of a successful baby clothing store and a single mom with two kids Taylor and Brooke.    


On an annual mammogram, it is discovered she has breast cancer.  She is worried about her children, potential loss of income, and how she will keep the store afloat while undergoing cancer treatment.

​Jane undergoes aggressive treatment for a mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. The treatment is so taxing, she lacks the stamina to work at the shop and needs help with the kids. Expenses are high and income is low.

Jane is eligible to accelerate some or all of her $400,000 living benefits life insurance policy.  


After filing a claim and doctor's report, the insurance company offers to accelerate $150,000 of her living benefits.

After the accelerated benefits are paid out, Jane still has $250,000 left in future life insurance.

The influx of cash was a huge safety net and stress reliever for Jane as she was able to spend time recovering instead of having to return to work prematurely. 



Meet Frank (48), a software engineer with his wife Sabrina and two young children. 


One day at work, Frank had a major stroke suffering paralysis on his right side.  He's in the hospital for two weeks and later transferred to a rehabilitation facility for two months of physical therapy.   


After extensive rehabilitation, Frank goes back home to their two-story home but is having trouble safely moving around the house, bathing himself, eating on his own, and climbing the stairs.   

Sabrina plans to find a nursing position to bring in income, but she is concerned about leaving Frank and the children by themselves. 


After some research Sabrina, sees that hiring help for Frank and a baby sitter for the kids will cost about $6,400 per month.   


Frank's life insurance agent tells him that his living benefits life insurance policy can help pay for long term care expenses.

Frank files a claim and doctor's report with the life insurance company to accelerate his benefits early. 


His $500,000 living benefits life policy, allows him to accelerate his benefits and decides to take $10,000 a month for 15 months to help pay for his expenses while he was recuperating.


Frank needed help for 15 months at $10,000 per month. $150,000 of benefits was accelerated, with no need to pay it back.  That left him with $350,000 of life insurance remaining should he die.

The monthly benefits gave financial security for Frank's family and provided him the opportunity to recover from his stroke, on his time.


Meet Sam (45), an accountant and father, he had a heart attack and needed bypass surgery.


He had a $500,000 living benefits life insurance policy but needed $100,000 to offset his loss of income, pay his medical bills, and take care of his family expenses. 


Sam's condition qualified him to receive his life insurance benefits early.  His doctor filed a report on his behalf and 3 weeks later he received a check for $100,000.


After his accelerated benefits, Sam still has $400,000 in life insurance left.

Sam was able to provide for his family during a time they needed it the most.

Living benefits life insurance can act like a financial safety net for families and businesses

offering more benefits at the same cost of traditional life policies.


Will you and your family be protected when "LIFE" happens?


Make sure you and your family are protected today.


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