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Living Benefits Life Insurance

Have you heard about the new Living Benefits Life Insurance policies?


It's Life Insurance you don't have to die to use!


It puts the "Life" back into Life Insurance.


Are you prepared for when "Life" happens?

Living Benefits life insurance is the new hybrid life insurance plans that can advance your life insurance death benefits early, (while you are still alive) in the event you develop a serious illness such as a heart attack, cancer, or stroke, or have less than 24 months to live or even involved in a serious debilitating accident.


The cash from this life insurance is not restricted and can be used for

income replacement, medical bills, expenses, or anything you need.


Living benefits life insurance is like having a financial safety net for families

and businesses offering more benefits at the same cost of traditional life policies.

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What medical conditions qualify to access the Living Benefits?


•Any condition that leaves your life expectancy at 24 months or less.


•Any condition that will not allow you to do 2 of 6 ADL’s (Activities of daily living).

(The 6 ADL’s are bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting, and transferring).


Health Conditions that trigger the Living Benefits:

•Heart Attack



•Vision, Hearing, or Speech Loss

•End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure)


•Multiple Sclerosis

•Organ Transplant



•Aortic Surgery

•Parkinson’s Disease

•Severe Burns



  • 48% of all Foreclosures are due to Premature Death and or Disability


  • 80% of those were due to surviving a Critical or Chronic Illness.


  • Average age of someone who has a Critical illness is: 48.


  • 66% of all Bankruptcies are tied to medical issues and time out of work.


  • 1 in 2 Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime.


  • 50% of all Cancer diagnosis is for someone under the age of 60.

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My name is Renee Muchechetere and

I've been a licensed insurance agent for over 25 years. 


My main goal is to assist clients in understanding the importance

of having life insurance protection and

finding the best plans and premiums for their situation.


Do you have the BEST policy?


Do you have Living Benefits?


Are you prepared for when LIFE happens?


48% of Americans do not have enough life insurance.


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THE BEST POLICY FOR YOU is the one THAT you can afford to keep! 

Everyone needs Life Insurance:


Parents with minor children – If a parent dies, the loss of his or her income or caregiving skills could create a financial hardship. Life insurance can make sure the kids will have the financial resources they need until they can support themselves.


Businesses and Business owners – If the death of a key employee, such as an owner or CEO, would create a severe financial hardship for a business, that business should consider making sure each key person has a policy in place in the event of an untimely death.


Adults who own property together – Married or not, if the death of one adult would mean that the other could no longer afford loan payments, upkeep, and taxes on the property, life insurance may be a good idea. An example would be an engaged couple who took out a joint mortgage to buy their first house.


Young adults  – The younger and healthier you are, the lower your insurance premiums. You can lock in low rates now, while you are young and healthy and plan for uncertain times in the future.


Elderly parents  – Many adult children sacrifice by taking time off work to care for an elderly parent who needs help. This help may also include direct financial support. Life insurance can help reimburse the adult child’s costs when the parent passes away.